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October 2015

  • OFB Interviews Laura P.

    OFB Interviews: Freezing for Debt Freedom


    Today’s interview is with Laura P., who, with her husband, paid down over $80k in debt in a little over a year! Did it take hard work? Yup. Sacrifice? You betcha. But they did what it took and continue to do it. Here’s their incredible story: Tell us your story.…

  • How to Save 50% on Your Budget

    Save 50% of Your Income in ONE WEEK!


    Recently, Johnny and I were contacted by a talk show in LA to be possible guests on a segment about money-saving tips. A producer from the show wanted to get on Skype with us and chat about our “area of expertise.” We went back and forth on how to respond to the email.…

  • Savings Recipes with Qapital

    Cooking Up Savings Recipes with Qapital


    Last month, we reviewed a slick savings and goal-oriented app called Qapital. You can read the full review here, but here’s the elevator pitch. Qapital is an iPhone app (Android coming by year’s end) designed to help you set savings goals and then apply rules to automate and reach those goals.…

  • Letterfolk

    So We Started a Business


    If you follow my Instagram account, you may have seen that Johnny and I just launched a new side business/hobby/thingy. We’re not 100% sure what it will be, but we’re excited to finally launch it! We’ve opened an online shop called Letterfolk that sells letter boards (the ones you might…