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August 2016

  • Travel for Free

    We Haven’t Paid for Travel in Seven Years


    Dave Ramsey holds a special place in my heart and my podcast playlist. For a long time, specifically before I was married and had a more firm grasp on my finances, he intimidated me. I’d switch radio stations as soon as I heard that slow southern drawl remind me of…

  • Money Mindset

    Is Wealth Just About Changing Your Mindset?


    Being the personal finance nerds that we are, Johnny and I were reading our latest issue of Money magazine, and it struck up a fun discussion. Okay, truthfully, Johnny read it and then told me about it, and then the discussion ensued. In the Editor’s Note section, it says that…

  • Frugal Months

    Frugal Months


    A couple of times a year, we’ll get to a point where it seems multiple irregular expenses hit all at once. Ouch. Even if we’ve budgeted for these expenses, shelling out that much dough in a short timeframe can be a little unnerving. Other times, we’ll go through a quarter…

  • When Is Your Budget Ready for a Baby?

    When Is Your Budget Ready to Start a Family?


    One of the biggest considerations when it comes to starting a family is finances. It’s not that children cost all that much initially. Even three and a half years in to having children, we’re still not spending very much on them (sorry, girls!). I think in food consumed, our cat…