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  • The Right Time to Buy a Car

    The Right Time to Buy a New Car


    The kids and I love it when TJ gets home from work. First, it usually means a much-needed break for me while TJ builds Legos with our boys. It also means I get to speak with a human being about topics other than going potty or not using mommy’s Anastasia…

  • Ashley's Getting-Out-of-Debt Story

    Ashley’s Getting-Out-of-Debt Story


    When TJ and I met, I could tell right away we came from different financial backgrounds. He had worked hard every summer doing sales in California to pay for his tuition and living expenses, he had thrifty parents who had been able to help him along the way, and he…

  • Making Money from Home

    Making Money As a Stay-at-Home Mom


    When TJ and I started our budget, I had a hard time accounting for every single purchased item. Coming home from a shopping trip started to feel like an interrogation, even though I’m sure TJ didn’t mean it that way. “What did you buy? How much was it? Did you…

  • Canceling Your Gym Membership

    Canceling My Gym Membership Changed My Life (and Budget)


    You know those girls who frequent the gym in cute spandex outfits, striding on the elliptical machine while reading Self magazine and sipping Diet Coke? What a ridiculous sight. I’d never be caught dead doing that, except when I did exactly that every day for eight years. (Self magazine had…