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  • Travel for Free

    We Haven’t Paid for Travel in Seven Years


    Dave Ramsey holds a special place in my heart and my podcast playlist. For a long time, specifically before I was married and had a more firm grasp on my finances, he intimidated me. I’d switch radio stations as soon as I heard that slow southern drawl remind me of…

  • Grocery Budgeting Is the Bane of My Existence

    Grocery Budgeting Is the Bane of My Existence


    When it comes to shopping at the grocery store, beginning-of- the-month Ashley and end-of- the-month Ashley are two very different people. Beginning-of- the-month Ashley thinks she’s the Queen of England. Imported Italian prosciutto for $18/lb? Sure! Aged Parmigiano Reggiano for $25/lb? Okay! Out of season strawberries for $82/oz? Treat yo’ self! End-of- the-month…

  • Ashley Introduction

    Hi, I’m Ashley!


    Hi, I’m Ashley, and I’m a recovering shopaholic. Hi, Ashley… Alright, so while I really do enjoy the instant high of a frivolous shopping spree, I don’t think I could technically fall under the category of a shopaholic in the truest and most alarming sense. I do, however, come from…