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September 2016

  • Maximizing My Tax Return

    Boosting My Tax Refund… On Purpose


    Back in May 2012, I quit my first ‘real’ job, and I started working at my current company on the last day of July. During those two summer months at home, we were blessed with the delivery of our first child. Once I returned to work, I was greeted with…

  • Canceling Your Gym Membership

    Canceling My Gym Membership Changed My Life (and Budget)


    You know those girls who frequent the gym in cute spandex outfits, striding on the elliptical machine while reading Self magazine and sipping Diet Coke? What a ridiculous sight. I’d never be caught dead doing that, except when I did exactly that every day for eight years. (Self magazine had…

  • Financial Books

    Reading Rainbow: Finance Edition


    I don’t like to read. Well, at least I didn’t. In hindsight, this is probably a good reason why I struggled in high school (along with that not doing homework thing). The Great Gatsby?! Ugh, spare me. That was all until I discovered a subject matter I could get into:…