• The Right Time to Buy a Car

    The Right Time to Buy a New Car


    The kids and I love it when TJ gets home from work. First, it usually means a much-needed break for me while TJ builds Legos with our boys. It also means I get to speak with a human being about topics other than going potty or not using mommy’s Anastasia…

  • Making Money from Home

    Making Money As a Stay-at-Home Mom


    When TJ and I started our budget, I had a hard time accounting for every single purchased item. Coming home from a shopping trip started to feel like an interrogation, even though I’m sure TJ didn’t mean it that way. “What did you buy? How much was it? Did you…

  • Canceling Your Gym Membership

    Canceling My Gym Membership Changed My Life (and Budget)


    You know those girls who frequent the gym in cute spandex outfits, striding on the elliptical machine while reading Self magazine and sipping Diet Coke? What a ridiculous sight. I’d never be caught dead doing that, except when I did exactly that every day for eight years. (Self magazine had…

  • Travel for Free

    We Haven’t Paid for Travel in Seven Years


    Dave Ramsey holds a special place in my heart and my podcast playlist. For a long time, specifically before I was married and had a more firm grasp on my finances, he intimidated me. I’d switch radio stations as soon as I heard that slow southern drawl remind me of…

  • Grocery Budgeting Is the Bane of My Existence

    Grocery Budgeting Is the Bane of My Existence


    When it comes to shopping at the grocery store, beginning-of- the-month Ashley and end-of- the-month Ashley are two very different people. Beginning-of- the-month Ashley thinks she’s the Queen of England. Imported Italian prosciutto for $18/lb? Sure! Aged Parmigiano Reggiano for $25/lb? Okay! Out of season strawberries for $82/oz? Treat yo’ self! End-of- the-month…

  • Ashley Introduction

    Hi, I’m Ashley!


    Hi, I’m Ashley, and I’m a recovering shopaholic. Hi, Ashley… Alright, so while I really do enjoy the instant high of a frivolous shopping spree, I don’t think I could technically fall under the category of a shopaholic in the truest and most alarming sense. I do, however, come from…