Cheap Eats

  • Saving on Local Produce

    Shopping Local and Saving Money


    When Johnny and I lived in Boston, we stumbled upon the Boston Haymarket. Rain or shine, the Haymarket is open every Friday and Saturday of the year, offering up some super cheap produce. The first week we walked into it, Johnny and I bought a quite a loot of fruits…

  • Simple Meals and Grocery Savings

    How We Do Groceries


    As you’ve probably deduced from our He Says/She Says series, Johnny and I have disagreed a lot over the span of our almost six-year marriage. Grocery shopping is no exception. Before I got married, grocery shopping meant buying whatever caught my eye in each aisle… no lists, no meal planning.…

  • Cheap Eats: Asian Chicken Salad

    Cheap Eats: Asian Chicken Salad


    A few weeks after Baby Girl was born and the generous meals from friends and family had subsided, Johnny and I had to start feeding ourselves again. And after a couple nights of Johnny’s gourmet hot dog, grilled cheese, and cereal cooking, we needed reinforcements. Unfortunately, this meant eating out…