Credit Cards

  • Travel for Free

    We Haven’t Paid for Travel in Seven Years


    Dave Ramsey holds a special place in my heart and my podcast playlist. For a long time, specifically before I was married and had a more firm grasp on my finances, he intimidated me. I’d switch radio stations as soon as I heard that slow southern drawl remind me of…

  • Priceline Rewards Credit Card Reviewed

    Priceline Rewards Visa Credit Card Review


    We’ve been asked from time to time what we’ve got going on in our wallets. I’d be able to answer that without even looking because no less than six times a week, Sally rifles through everything my little leather (maybe pleather) billfold holds and then proceeds to empty it all…

  • Credit Cards: The Rules and Rewards

    Our Credit Card Rules


    Hey peeps, it’s Johnny! You know, that other person that writes all of the boring, no-nonsense posts around here. Wait, why is your cursor moving toward the “Exit” button? Hey, stop! Just lend me your eyes for three minutes. So Joanna’s been running the show the last few weeks like…

  • It's the End of the World

    Everything Wrong in Our World in 30 Seconds


    There will come a time. It might be in 60 years or maybe just 20 years. But that time will come. Your child/grandchild/great-grandchild will crack open their sixth grade History textbook and flip to the back. America’s Downfall, the chapter heading will read. They’ll thumb through the digitally-enhanced pages as you…

  • Everything You Need on One Notecard

    A Pocket-Sized Guide to Financial Success


    Hello friends — and foes… you know who you are Mr. Panda Express guy who always scrimps on my orange chicken. There’s a special circle in Dante’s Inferno reserved just for you. Overpriced Chinese-but-not-really-Chinese food aside, I wanted to let you all in an awesome image I saw retweeted a…

  • First Credit Card

    My Very First Credit Card (Sorry, Dave Ramsey)


    I have an exciting and somewhat embarrassing confession. I just got approved for my very first credit card! And it was no easy task! How did I make it this long without one? Easy. I’ve never needed credit and I’ve always used secondary cards under Johnny’s name to rack up…

  • Dave Ramsey hates credit cards (and us)

    Why We Use Credit Cards or Why Dave Ramsey Hates Our Guts


    I still remember clearly when Johnny and I first became apprised to Dave Ramsey. We were in our last semesters of college with just a few months left before our lovely school loans would come a’knocking. A friend of ours lent us Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover. Up until…