• Money Mindset

    Is Wealth Just About Changing Your Mindset?


    Being the personal finance nerds that we are, Johnny and I were reading our latest issue of Money magazine, and it struck up a fun discussion. Okay, truthfully, Johnny read it and then told me about it, and then the discussion ensued. In the Editor’s Note section, it says that…

  • Breaking Normal

    Breaking Normal


    Hey guys! We just wanted to pop in and share some thoughts Johnny recently sent out to our secret email list. We got some really awesome, thoughtful responses from it that we wanted to share it with the rest of you, too! (And if you’d like to get similar updates from…

  • Is Working Full Time a Terrible Investment?

    Is Working Full Time a Terrible Investment?


    A while back, Johnny and I read an interesting article, and it’s stuck with us since. The article sells the idea that working for someone else has a capped upside and an unlimited downside. And that the only way to be truly rich (both in money and life) is to…

  • Kids, Self-Reliance, and Parenting

    Kids, Self-Reliance, and Parenting: Thoughts?


    We hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! We just got back from DC, where Sally got one final weekend of good ol’ fashioned spoiling in before she’ll have to give up her only-child status next month. With that trip done, we’re officially in countdown mode with less than five weeks until…

  • Let’s Get Nerdy with the State of the Union


    I don’t know what you guys did last night, but Johnny got home late, and we curled up on the couch with some leftovers and watched the State of the Union together. We’re doing our boring, vanilla, personal-finance-geek image no favors by being so candid about our nightly festivities. To…

  • Why Can’t Our Generation Save Money?


    It’s no secret that Johnny and I enjoy talking about our generation of millennials and all our “issues,” such as why our generation’s still mooching off our parents. We read another discussion-worthy article recently that we wanted to share. The article poses the question Why aren’t millenials saving any money?…

  • Financial Help from Parents

    Should Parents Help Their Adult Children Financially?


    Johnny and I read an interesting article that accompanied a mini-Twitter (follow us here) discussion yesterday morning, so we wanted to get y’all’s take on it. (We’re headed to my home state of Alabama for Thanksgiving, so I’m brushing up on my Southern drawl.) The article stated some pretty interesting…

  • Too Much Work

    Does the 40-Hour Work Week Make Us Spend More?


    Have you ever wondered if all the work we’re doing to make more money is actually making us spend more? We recently read an article on that very topic, and it piqued our interest. So, of course, we wanted to share it with you guys. The guy who wrote it…

  • The Happiness Benchmark in All 50 States

    Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But…


    Have any of you seen this Huffington Post article? It shows the income happiness benchmark by state. In other words, how much money do you need to make annually before it won’t make you any happier? Johnny and I were pretty fascinated by the results. The average income happiness benchmark throughout…

  • A Penny for Your Thoughts

    Cadillac: The Official Sponsor of Workaholics


    I’m an ad guy and I want to talk about a new Cadillac ad that’s pretty controversial. Knowing the sharp minds that come to our blog and make Joanna and me feel smarter by osmosis, I wanted to open up a discussion and hear your thoughts. Here’s the ad: Our…