Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency Preparedness Checklist

    OFB Preparedness Month: Final Update


    Somehow it’s already the end of October. Halloween is in a WEEK. With the ending of this week, we also wrap up our preparedness month! I think more than anything, this month made me realize we were more prepared than I realized we were. At the same time, many of…

  • Preparedness

    OFB Preparedness Mid-Month Update


    We’re halfway through October! I’m weirdly excited for Halloween this year, and I don’t even really like Halloween. I think it’s partly because Johnny and I have compiled a noteworthy (and very cheap!) costume for Sally. And I think I’m also curious to see just how mortifying/embarrassing/memorable Sally’s behavior will be…

  • Ready America Backpack

    OFB Preparedness Month Update


    Before I say anything else, I just have to tell you that we’ve been reading your comments on the last few posts, and we plan to respond to all of them this weekend. This has been one of those pull-your-hair-out kind of weeks, and we’ve gotten behind on a lot…

  • Preparedness Month

    OFB: Preparedness Month


    A few days ago, I officially declared October our month of getting prepared. We’ve spent the last few years becoming financially prepared, but lately we’ve both been feeling like that isn’t enough. I recently read an article on Real Simple that outlines how to stockpile for an emergency, and it…

  • How to Calculate Your Emergency Fund

    How to Calculate Your Emergency Fund


    Our hearts are with those affected by the devastation left by the Oklahoma tornadoes. While this post is focused on building up your own emergency fund, there are certainly victims in Oklahoma who could use help in the wake of this very real emergency. If you feel so inclined, visit the Red…

  • What's My Zombie New Worth?

    The New Net Worth (After the Zombie Apocalypse)


    Nothing warms the soul during the Holiday season quite like a discussion on zombie invasions. This topic might have been inspired by the impending 2012 Mayan Apocalypse, or today’s once-a-lifetime date of 12.12.12, which just begs for doomsday/conspiracy talk. But regardless, it’s a meaningful discussion worth having any time of…