• To Give or Not to Give

    Second-Guessing Generosity


    One day last week during my lunch break, I packed our little girl in the car and set out to purchase an activity jumper for her. “Are you ready to go on an adventure?” I said in an overly excited voice I save just for her as I buckled her…

  • Panhandler Art

    The Most Talented Panhandler I’ve Ever Met


    Panhandling is a pretty sensitive topic. To give or not to give? Can you trust what they’ll do with your money? How else can you help? These are all important, debatable questions, and I’m sure we’ll discuss them here. But it just ain’t happening today. Instead, I want to share…

  • Gettin' Tipsy

    Tipping and Being Frugal: Can They Coexist?


    Johnny and I got married in the summer of 2007. After the wedding and honeymoon, we spent the rest of the summer working our tails off together at a Mexican restaurant as servers. I had been a server for a couple years before meeting Johnny, but that summer was the…