Getting Deals

  • road

    Changing Where I Get My Oil Changed


    Hope everyone had a relaxing and fun-filled long weekend! Johnny was in NY for work again last week, so we were just happy to have him back. While he was gone, I woke up to Sally yelling, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddyyyy!” from her crib. Our cat, Persie, tried running away one…

  • Choosing Secondhand First

    Buying Secondhand First


    Johnny and I have mentioned more than a few times how much we love using Amazon Prime. The prices are reasonable, and the free, two-day shipping is pretty dang convenient. In fact, sometimes it’s a little too convenient. Rather than look to local classifieds or Craigslist first, Amazon has become…

  • Priceline Travel Deals

    How to Snag Sweet Travel Deals on Priceline


    Vacations are great. You know what makes them more great? You don’t have to answer that. Because I’m only looking for a single answer and I don’t want to tell you you’re wrong if you don’t say, “When they don’t cost a ton of money.” So now that I messed…

  • Sawhorse Office Desk

    How We Scored a Custom-Made Desk for $150


    Lately Johnny and I have been itching to get our DIY on with home projects for a few reasons. After we posted about our love/hate relationship with IKEA and we read your comments, it lit a fire under us to have quality pieces in our home without spending a ton…

  • Giving Back with Save1


    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Johnny and I are big on finding deals. Duh. And we end up finding most of them on the world wide webisphere. We rarely buy anything online without one of two things happening: 1) helping ourselves using a coupon or promotion, or 2)…