Interview Series

  • OFB Interviews Tamara

    OFB Interviews: $190k Mortage in Seven Years


    We’re so excited to share today’s interview. After this, we only have two more interviews to share, and only two more Fridays left in 2015! This interview is a great example of what a huge impact consistent hard work can have on your finances. In Tamara’s case, it meant paying…

  • Mom of Two Precious Girls

    OFB Interviews: Beating Bankruptcy


    We’re so honored to share this interview today with Mom of Two Precious Girls. I’ve never met her, but she’s been a reader and commenter of OFB since the beginning, and yet I never knew her complete story! And boy is it an incredible one. If you’re having a hard time…

  • OFB Interviews: Laura

    OFB Interviews: Debt-Free Schooling


    Our interview series is almost done! We’ve got six more interviews to go, and we plan to share them all by the end of the year. We’ve got some really great ones in store, including today’s interview with Laura S. She shares how she graduated from school debt free (!),…

  • OFB Interviews Kate

    OFB Interviews: Digging Out of $57k in Two Years


    Today’s interview is great! It’s a perfect representation of real people paying down debt. Kate explains the changes they had to make in their life to make it happen, and we loved reading every word of it. We think you will, too, so we’ll let Kate take it from here!…

  • OFB Interviews: Anonymous

    OFB Interviews: Whole Paycheck Mortgage Payoff

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    Today’s interview is with a budgeting couple on the cusp of jumpstarting some big financial goals. We did this interview back in May, so they’ve now started the journey they talk about here. We love hearing others’ financial goals and what motivates them. So here’s your Friday dose of financial…

  • OFB Interviews Laura P.

    OFB Interviews: Freezing for Debt Freedom


    Today’s interview is with Laura P., who, with her husband, paid down over $80k in debt in a little over a year! Did it take hard work? Yup. Sacrifice? You betcha. But they did what it took and continue to do it. Here’s their incredible story: Tell us your story.…

  • OFB Interviews Laura

    OFB Interviews: A Financial Education


    We’re excited to share a new perspective in today’s interview with Laura. She just graduated from college a few years ago, and she’s in the throes of paying down student debt. And she’s rocking at it. But that’s not where her story begins… Her journey is an inspiring one, and one…

  • OFB Interviews Reetu

    OFB Interviews: “Our” Debt


    Today we’re sharing a debt story that brings back memories of our own debt-payoff days. This couple is a great example of the effectiveness of attacking finances together. I think many of you will be relate to this story — I know we can! So we’ll let Reetu take it…

  • OFB Interviews Miranda

    OFB Interviews: Drinking the Dave Kool-Aid


    Today Miranda (of Miranda Writes) shares her journey of paying off debt with her husband — $80,000 in total, and what finally got them to slay the Debt Monster once and for all. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed myself so entirely while also reading a ton of great advice and…

  • OFB Interviews: Debtless in Texas

    OFB Interviews: Saving 50% Like Whoa


    Hey guys! We’re excited to share one of our most interesting interviews to date (and our first guy!!). Today’s interview is with Debtless in Texas, a fellow personal finance blogger who has quite the story to tell. Once we started reading his interview, we couldn’t stop. And boy did we…