Maximizing Your Budget Series

  • Maximizing Your Eating Out

    Maximizing Your Budget: Eating Out


    In 2015, we’re putting extra emphasis on budgeting since it’s a must for financial success. Each month, we tackle a different category, and by years’ end, we’ll have one big resource for maximizing your entire budget.  It seems like a nice dinner out is almost mandatory on Valentine’s Day. Johnny and…

  • Maximizing Your Debt Payoff

    Maximizing Your Budget: Debt Payoff


    Johnny and I started our debt payoff process at the beginning of the year, as many of you might be doing this year. The debt payoff process was daunting, exciting, sucky, rewarding, hard, overwhelming, and empowering. It brought out all kinds of crazy emotions. While we were paying down our loans,…

  • Maximizing Your 2015 Budget

    Maximizing Your Budget in 2015


    Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Sally! It felt great to feel loved by so many awesome peeps, especially when we’re in this big city away from our families. Johnny and I are very excited to share a new series we are kicking off this year about maximizing your budget!…