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  • Privacy concerns at tax time

    Avoiding Identity Theft During Tax Season


    Just a heads up, this post is sponsored by the fine folks at Block Advisors. This should go without saying, but all opinions are our own and came straight from our own noggins. A few years ago, we began exchanging emails with a Nigerian prince who wanted to bequeath us…

  • Aspiration debit card

    Aspiration Review: Better Banking for All


    A few months ago, we gave you an inside look at our money funnel, a prioritized order in which we allocate our incoming dough. While we try not to tinker too much with our funnel, we’re always on the lookout for better places to park our money within our system.…

  • 2016's Best Budgeting Apps

    Best Budgeting & Saving Apps of 2016


    Ready or not, happy 2016! We always look forward to the new year and a chance to start anew, wipe our financial slates clean, set new goals, and rededicate ourselves to keeping a budget. And this year is no exception. One of biggest keys to keeping a budget is finding…

  • Savings Recipes with Qapital

    Cooking Up Savings Recipes with Qapital


    Last month, we reviewed a slick savings and goal-oriented app called Qapital. You can read the full review here, but here’s the elevator pitch. Qapital is an iPhone app (Android coming by year’s end) designed to help you set savings goals and then apply rules to automate and reach those goals.…

  • Qapital App Review

    Qapital App Review: Smart Savings


    We spend a lot of time talking about budgeting. I’d wager that most doctors would say it’s an unhealthy amount of time. But we strongly believe that really adhering to the principles of budgeting make for smarter spending and savvier saving. But you see, there’s a problem: budgeting isn’t always…

  • Top Personal Finance Apps of 2015

    Top Personal Finance Apps of 2015


    I think it’s safe to make a generalization: we spend a lot of time on our phones. And most of it is unproductive. If we spent only a fraction of the time we spend browsing through selfies or playing stupid tappy-tap-tap games or reading the toxic garbage we call “Facebook…

  • Best Personal Finance Podcasts

    Best Personal Finance & Other Podcasts


    The only thing more vital to carry than cash in New York City is a pair of headphones. Odds are you’re spending at least an hour a day walking, getting herded into subway cars, and commuting. And unless you enjoy the mouth breathing of the guy standing behind you on…

  • Best Budgeting Apps of 2015


    UPDATE: Check out our latest app recommendations in our new Best Budgeting & Saving Apps of 2016! Happy New Year! The time has come for a clean slate, a year to top all other years in greatness. And that includes finances. Whether you’ve resolved to save more, get out of debt,…

  • Republic Wireless Giveaway

    Republic Wireless Phone & Chromecast Giveaway!


    You know that thing you have called a budget? Good. Do me a favor and find your “Cell Phone” category. You probably won’t have to look very hard to locate it since it’s likely marked with devil horns and what looks like “HATE! KILL!” scrawled next to it. Now, if…

  • Why We Don't Use Mint for Our Main Budget

    Why We Don’t Use Mint for Our Main Budget


    I remember when Johnny and I first heard about Mint a few years ago. We wondered what kind of witchcraft had made a site that compiled all of our moneys and put them in one place — automagically? We were stunned, giddy, and way too excited about something so nerdy.…