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  • Best Budgeting Apps of 2014

    Best Personal Finance Apps of 2014


    UPDATE: We’ve updated this post! Check out our Top Personal Finance Apps of 2015! We’re about two weeks into January, which means the excitement we felt for our New Year’s resolutions is starting to wane. Or perhaps for some of us it has already wilted and died. Boooo! If so,…

  • Another June Day, Another Birthday

    Another June Day, Another Birthday


    Today is the day that Johnny dreads above all other days of the year. It’s my birthday. Johnny feels immense pressure on my birthday to make sure all is blissful in Joanna-ville. It makes me laugh a little but not a lot because I hate that he gets stressed out…

  • Giving Back with Save1


    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Johnny and I are big on finding deals. Duh. And we end up finding most of them on the world wide webisphere. We rarely buy anything online without one of two things happening: 1) helping ourselves using a coupon or promotion, or 2)…

  • 2013 Best Personal Finance apps

    Best Personal Finance Apps for 2013


    UPDATE: We’ve updated this post! Check out our Best Budgeting & Saving Apps of 2016! To help those 2013 financial New Year’s resolutions along, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps to help keep track of spending. We’ve already made our case for why smartphones are worth…

  • Why smartphones are worth it

    Justifying the Cost of My Smartphone


    I can’t live with it, can’t live without it: my smartphone. Sometimes I’ll look up from my phone, half an hour wasted, with no clue how I just spent that time. My favorite is when Johnny asks what I’m up to, and although I’m honestly up to something, it’s not…