• Middle of Nebraska

    The Financial Details of Our Move


    We’ve spent the last month settling into our new home, figuring out where to put this or that or whether a mirror should ever be hung over a toilet (actually, still disagreeing on that one). But for the most part, our new place feels homey and unpacked and familiar. And…

  • Thanksgiving

    More About Our NYC Move


    Hello! We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! And happy December! I love this month. We spent the past week in Alabama with my family, finally taking a few days to relax during this whirlwind moving process. I don’t think it’s fully sunk in for Johnny or me that…

  • NYC

    OFB + NYC


    There are very few certainties in life, but one thing I was completely certain of was that we would never live in New York City again. We loved our time in the city when we lived there in 2010-2011, but we were so young and carefree back then! We’d never…

  • The Move

    Our Moving Deets


    Moving is stressful. If you’ve moved recently, you know what I’m talking about. The Will we ever be done?? feeling as you skillfully tape down the millionth box with the tape gun that’s now just an extension of your arm. And then when you’re finished packing, the All my worldly possessions are packed…

  • Finding Our Forever Place


    After rehashing all of our moving experiences earlier this week, it made us wonder if we’ll ever settle down in one place. Johnny and I really hope to put down roots somewhere someday. We want to buy a house, dig in, and become invested in a community. I moved around…

  • Pros and Cons of Moving Yourself


    This probably comes as no surprise, but we move. A lot. In our six years of marriage, we have moved six times. Each move has had its own reason: internship, graduation, new job, and soon to be, lameface neighbor. The longest we’ve lived in a single dwelling is 23 months, and…

  • Why We’re Moving in August


    As I type this, I can hear the thump, thump, thumping of our neighbor’s subwoofer. We live in a townhouse and share our right and left walls with our right and left neighbors. We’ve never heard a peep from our neighbors on our left. But our neighbor on our right….…