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  • Is Thing On?: An OFB Update


    The time is well overdue for an OFB update. Don’t give me that look. I know you’re giving me that look. Okay, okay, yes, we deserve the eye roll. And you’re right. This update is way, way, way overdue. Like WAY. Now that we’re square, let’s get back to the…

  • 2017 Financial Priorities

    2017 Financial Priorities


    It’s 2017! And even crazier, we’re already a week and a half into January. It’s that time of year for new goals, new plans, new beginnings, and yup — new budgets. There’s no better time to prioritize (or reprioritize) your finances than now. Johnny and I have a few things…

  • Ashley Introduction

    Hi, I’m Ashley!


    Hi, I’m Ashley, and I’m a recovering shopaholic. Hi, Ashley… Alright, so while I really do enjoy the instant high of a frivolous shopping spree, I don’t think I could technically fall under the category of a shopaholic in the truest and most alarming sense. I do, however, come from…

  • Tyler Introduction

    Hey, I’m Tyler!


    Greetings from the Lone Star State! I’m Tyler. I’ve been a longtime OFB reader and have had an even longer interest in personal finance. My wife hails from Hawaii, and I’m a Southern California native. We met at school in Utah, and we have spent time living in Hawaii, New…

  • OFB Turns Three!

    Our Freaking Budget Turns 3!


    It’s hard to believe we’ve been going at this thing for three years now! When we first started this blog, I was very large and in charge, just one month out from giving birth to Sally. And Johnny and I had no idea how parenthood would change our lives (financial…

  • OFB Update

    OFB Update


    Hello! We just wanted to pop in and talk about life outside the world of OFB for a second! We haven’t been able to engage with OFB as much as we’d like to lately because we’ve been trying to hit self-employment full force, and it’s been hitting right back. In some…

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    We hope you’re all stuffing your faces with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing (naturally), and whatever else floats your Thanksgiving boat right this moment. Life is hectic right now (update coming soon), so we’re hoping we can step back and catch a breather with our little girls and family these next few days.…

  • Self-Employment

    We’re Officially Self-Employed


    We promised we’d share more on what prompted our move back west (other than being closer to family), and the time has finally come for us to spill the beans. As of June of this year, we dove headfirst into the wide, wild, and unchartered world of self-employment. To be…

  • NYC vs Suburbia

    Observations on NYC vs Suburbia


    Moving out of a New York City apartment and into a house in suburbia is a big change. Okay, that’s an understatement. There’s almost nothing similar about our life in New York and our life now. As we’ve been getting settled in, Johnny and I have found ourselves thinking aloud…

  • Sally NYC

    Until Next Time, NYC


    If you follow me on Instagram or saw our update on Facebook, you know that we’ve packed our bags on city living in NYC and returned to suburbia. There were a few factors at play, but it really boiled down to being closer to family. Although it seems as if…