• Preparing Financially for a Baby: After (Part II)


    Yesterday’s post covered our costs before Baby Girl arrived in our home. Today I’ll cover the costs we’ve incurred since that little munchkin first wrapped her hand around Daddy’s finger (which literally happened seconds after she was born). We did a post on how we got a free baby, so…

  • Preparing Financially for a Baby: Before (Part I)


    Nine months sounds like plenty of time to prepare for a baby’s arrival. That is, until you’re the one counting down for your own baby. After the initial shock of finding out I was pregnant subsided, the excitement set in. And then the blessed hormones of pregnancy turned me into…

  • Stay at home mom income

    Part-Time Jobs for Full-Time Parents


    When Johnny and I were first discussing starting a family, the topic of finances was a natural thought-starter. We were both working full time, and we started asking ourselves some questions for if/when we had a baby: Would one of us quit working and stay home? Would we both keep…

  • Baby Bucks

    Financial Baby Steps for Your Baby


    In the Baby Bucks series, we discuss financial topics where baby and buck collide. The dollar kind, not the animal kind. Got it? If you haven’t already heard, we had our freaking baby! I’ll probably continue to lead every post that way, because it makes my heart skip a beat…

  • Baby Girl's feet

    What We Learned About Having a Baby


    All three of us are home and happy and healthy. We’re all pretty exhausted, but loving our new life together. Around here, we’ll just call her Baby Girl. This was actually the name printed on her ID bracelets because her mommy and daddy needed some time to try on some…

  • Us as kids

    She’s Here!!!


    Our freaking baby girl is finally here!!! Pictures will be forthcoming. Probably after her head shape looks less like a pinecone. But for now, you can just use your imagination and mash those two little twerps together. That’s probably what she looks like. Joanna is doing great, baby is doing…

  • Baby nursery under $400

    Baby Nursery Room By the Numbers


    It’s official: our nursery is completed. Baby, you are now welcome to come whenever you darn well please. Any woman who’s been pregnant (or any man who’s had a pregnant wife or girlfriend) knows that moms-to-be take baby preparation very seriously. I’ve wanted everything to be perfect. No, it’s more…

  • Baby Bucks

    Diaper Dilemma: A Cost Analysis


    Leading up to Baby Girl’s arrival, money’s been making a mass exodus from our wallets. And it may slow, but it ain’t gonna stop once baby arrives, either. One of our biggest new expenses in the upcoming months will be diapers. It’s bad enough knowing we’ll be changing about 7,000…