• When Is Your Budget Ready for a Baby?

    When Is Your Budget Ready to Start a Family?


    One of the biggest considerations when it comes to starting a family is finances. It’s not that children cost all that much initially. Even three and a half years in to having children, we’re still not spending very much on them (sorry, girls!). I think in food consumed, our cat…

  • Potty Training Two-Year-Olds: Everything You Need to Know

    Potty Training a Two-Year-Old


    As many of you know, I was determined to try potty training Sally before the new baby came. I wanted to slash our diaper expenses as well as the number of diapers I had to change on any given day. Well, one weekend when I was 34 weeks pregnant, I…

  • Sally Newborn

    OFB’s Top 10 Newborn Essentials


    When I was pregnant with Sally, I remember scouring all kinds of newborn essentials lists. I was (as always) trying to stick to a budget, and I was a bit dubious of what some people deemed “essential.” Did I really need a Diaper Genie and Sophie the Giraffe to survive…

  • How to Keep Your Toddler's Clothes Stain Free

    How to Keep Your Toddler’s Clothes Stain Free


    Because the thrift stores in Utah are picked clean of wearable toddler clothes, Johnny and I have resorted to buying the majority of Sally’s clothes new, although highly discounted. I typically stick to mega sales at Old Navy and Gap and occasionally buy pieces at H&M and at an on-sale Zara.…

  • The Stay-at-Home-Mom Life

    Living the SAHM Life


    Hello! Johnny and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas with Sally and a few family members. It was a good trip for getting away from it all for a few days, but it wasn’t the best trip we’ve had as parents. I can’t count how many times Johnny said,…

  • How to Fly Happily with a Toddler

    How to Fly (Happily) With a Toddler


    We recently posted about how we planned to survive a four-hour flight with Sally, the busiest 18-month-old we know. Well, folks, we did it. Many of you assured us that it wouldn’t be as bad as we thought, and you were right. That said, we had a few precarious moments…

  • Flying With a Toddler

    How We Plan to Fly With a Toddler


    Happy Monday! Johnny and I will be hopping on a jet plane for DC this week. Johnny’s in a friend’s wedding, and we’re excited to spend the 4th in our nation’s capital! And unlike our last trip, this time Sally’s coming with us. Gulp. Let me tell you a little…

  • How We Calculated Our 529 Contribution


    We’re back! And by we, I really mean I. Johnny was never gone last week, just busy taking care of Baby Girl sans me. Last week I was playing the role of an inanimate object, very convincingly, I might add. I became sick Tuesday night and spent the second half…

  • How to Fly with a Baby

    Flying with a Baby: My Six Tips


    Flying with a baby is a really terrible idea. However, staying cooped up in your home until said baby is completely well-behaved and predictable isn’t exactly an option either. Unless you’re a recluse and prefer that kind of thing. But really, you need to get out. Pronto. And so, despite…

  • Baby Bucks

    OFB Baby Update: Five Months


    In the Baby Bucks series, we babble about babies and money and sleep deprivation and cuteness overload. In that order. Somehow another month has passed in OFB babyland, and our girl will be rounding the 5-month corner this week! Here’s an update on our parenting journey so far, financial and…