• Away 1

    Spending When the Spouse Was Away


    A couple of weeks ago, I shared my problem with overspending while Johnny’s away on business trips. I become someone else entirely, and I suddenly have to eat out and go buy supplies for some major home improvement project. Confessing my spending addiction on here was the best thing I…

  • Alpine Loop

    Overspending When the Spouse Is Away


    For the past few months, Johnny’s been traveling for work more often than he usually does. Sally and I miss him while he’s away, but we fare the best we can. We keep very busy and have special outings and activities while he’s gone. But there’s this other thing that…

  • Flying With a Toddler

    How We Plan to Fly With a Toddler


    Happy Monday! Johnny and I will be hopping on a jet plane for DC this week. Johnny’s in a friend’s wedding, and we’re excited to spend the 4th in our nation’s capital! And unlike our last trip, this time Sally’s coming with us. Gulp. Let me tell you a little…

  • The Cost of Getting Away

    A Half-Weekend Getaway Budget Breakdown


    32 hours total. 18 on the road. 10 in a hotel. 4 listening to the sweet, acoustic jams of Ben Harper. And all sans baby. That should give you a glimpse into our recent half-weekend getaway to Denver. Hopefully that’s not our new reality of vacationing, but on this particular…

  • Priceline Travel Deals

    How to Snag Sweet Travel Deals on Priceline


    Vacations are great. You know what makes them more great? You don’t have to answer that. Because I’m only looking for a single answer and I don’t want to tell you you’re wrong if you don’t say, “When they don’t cost a ton of money.” So now that I messed…

  • Budget-Friendly Vacation

    How We Save Money on Vacation


    All work and no play makes Jack/Jane a dull boy/girl. As much as Johnny and I talk about saving and budgeting, we’re also big proponents of having some fun. A yearly vacation is mandatory in this household, even if it’s just a weekend trip (and some years that’s all it’s…

  • Baby Girl Poolside

    Back from the Beach


    We’re back! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect mini-vacay last week. Baby Girl experienced the ocean and the swimming pool for the first time. And we experienced our first vacation with a little one! There were blowouts and two-hour cry sessions in the car, but we still had…

  • Check out our favorite eats and sights in NYC on the cheap!

    Thrifty Travel: New York City


    Around these parts, spring is in the air-ish. We’ve had a couple warm-weather teaser days that have us itching to get out and do stuff. To hold us over until the warmth is here to stay, we’ve been solidifying some of our plans for spring and summer road trippin’. One…

  • Our cheapest travel deal ever

    Our Cheapest Travel Deal Ever


    The addition of Baby Girl has made us all a bit stir crazy up in here. Don’t get me wrong, all is well over here. Life is good, baby is good, mommy is good, Persie feels slightly dejected now that we don’t play fetch with her as much — tough…