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January 2014

  • A Brief Intermission


    When Sally doesn’t like what’s on her high chair tray, she simply throws it off without a second thought. Sometimes I attempt to put it back on her tray. And she responds by looking me right in the eye, smiling, and then throwing it off once again. Now if only…

  • Why We Don't Use Mint for Our Main Budget

    Why We Don’t Use Mint for Our Main Budget


    I remember when Johnny and I first heard about Mint a few years ago. We wondered what kind of witchcraft had made a site that compiled all of our moneys and put them in one place — automagically? We were stunned, giddy, and way too excited about something so nerdy.…

  • Financial Greetings

    Financial Greetings!


    Happy Thursday, friends! Do long weekends throw anyone else for a loop? The Monday off from work lulls Johnny and me away into the cozy comfort of weekend living. It’s cruel, in a way. And now that it’s Thursday, we’ve finally adjusted to non-weekend living — just in time for…

  • Will We Buy in 2014?

    Will We Be Buying a Home in 2014?


    Around this time last year, Johnny and I posted about why we wouldn’t be buying a home in 2013. We made that decision before the craziness of finding a new job and moving across the country rocked our year. 2013 definitely wasn’t the year for buying. And so now we…