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January 2014

  • OFB 50 States Project: Michigan

    OFB 50 States Project: Michigan


    In The OFB 50 States Project, you the readers spill the beans about your state: the good, the bad, and the delicious. And thus provide “forever place” seekers (like yours truly) a useful resource in their search. We’d love to hear about your state! To be a part of this project, click here to…

  • Boston on the Cheap

    Thrifty Travel: Boston


    Before moving to Boston, neither Johnny nor I had ever even stepped foot in the city. But it was love at first sight. We were moving from New York City, and I was expecting more of the same. But, no, no, no. First, Boston is pretty small. Since it’s one…

  • I can live for two months on a good compliment. –Mark Twain

    Positive Customer Service Challenge


    Having spent a brief stint in the service industry as a Jamba Juice drink artist and another as a restaurant server (Employee of the Month July 2007!… not like I remember or anything), I encountered my fair share of customer complaints. Many were warranted — like when I dropped an…

  • Best Budgeting Apps of 2014

    Best Personal Finance Apps of 2014


    UPDATE: We’ve updated this post! Check out our Top Personal Finance Apps of 2015! We’re about two weeks into January, which means the excitement we felt for our New Year’s resolutions is starting to wane. Or perhaps for some of us it has already wilted and died. Boooo! If so,…