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April 2015

  • Potty Training Two-Year-Olds: Everything You Need to Know

    Potty Training a Two-Year-Old


    As many of you know, I was determined to try potty training Sally before the new baby came. I wanted to slash our diaper expenses as well as the number of diapers I had to change on any given day. Well, one weekend when I was 34 weeks pregnant, I…

  • We budget to save money. But why? We all can dig a little deeper and ask the extra why to really find the human element — the source of all motivation.

    But Why?


    The world of personal finance is chock full of textbook answers for nearly every single financial “why” behind every budgeting goal. Why are you maxing out your Roth IRA? To save for retirement. Why are you paying down your mortgage more quickly? So I can be debt free. Why are you…

  • We Want to Interview You


    Nope, no baby yet. Don’t know if you were even wondering, but maybe me saying that will jinx this natural process and get that baby to push the eject button. Joanna is now getting audible gasps and “good luck” whispers walking down the street, so the people of NYC are…

  • Sally ER

    Worry So You Don’t Have to Worry


    At the end of the week, we found ourselves unexpectedly at the hospital. I say unexpectedly because it wasn’t for our now past-due baby girl. Instead, we made a trip to the ER with little miss Sally. She’d woken up in the middle of the night with some labored breathing, and…