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December 2015

  • Maximizing Your Non-Discretionary

    Maximizing Your Budget: Non-Discretionary


    It’s the last month of our Maximizing Your Budget series! We’ve fleshed out each and every budget category this year and how to maximizing your savings on each. And we’ve come to the very last category, which is perhaps the most simple of all — non-discretionary spending. The thing about…

  • OFB Interviews Tamara

    OFB Interviews: $190k Mortage in Seven Years


    We’re so excited to share today’s interview. After this, we only have two more interviews to share, and only two more Fridays left in 2015! This interview is a great example of what a huge impact consistent hard work can have on your finances. In Tamara’s case, it meant paying…

  • OFB Turns Three!

    Our Freaking Budget Turns 3!


    It’s hard to believe we’ve been going at this thing for three years now! When we first started this blog, I was very large and in charge, just one month out from giving birth to Sally. And Johnny and I had no idea how parenthood would change our lives (financial…

  • Our Monthly Budget: December

    Our Monthly Budget: December 2015


    I can’t believe it. I really can’t. We’ve entered the last month of 2015! And what a month it is. Let the crazy Christmas spending commence! And then let us all regroup on January 1st. K, bye. In all seriousness, although our spending will be preeety crazy this month (as…