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December 2015

  • Sally and Wynn

    Our Favorite Posts of 2015


    Three more days left in 2015, and today is one of them! Johnny and I have been wanting to sit down and hash out our goals/dreams/hopes/resolutions for 2016, but we still haven’t gotten to it! And here we find ourselves, down to the wire. So we have exactly three more nights…

  • Four Year Debt-iversary

    Our Four Year Debt-iversary!


    This week marks four years of being debt free. (!!!) It’s hard to predict where we’d be if we’d never made the decision to get out of debt. All we know is where we are now. But I don’t think it’s a stretch to say all of the financial goals…

  • OFB Interviews: Unstoppable Debt Slaying


    Hey guys! We hope this post finds you all finishing up preparations for the holidays. This is our final installment of our interview series. We’re sad to see it coming to an end! But we saved one of our best interviews for last. Today, Michelle shares how she and her…

  • Winnie 8 Months

    Monthly Baby Costs: Month Eight


    Our little baby’s not so little anymore. It’s hard to believe Winnie is already eight months old! She is so different than her older sister in every way that Johnny and I have had to relearn everything we thought we already knew about babies these past eight months! General Baby…