Monthly Baby Costs: Month Eight

Winnie 8 Months

Our little baby’s not so little anymore. It’s hard to believe Winnie is already eight months old! She is so different than her older sister in every way that Johnny and I have had to relearn everything we thought we already knew about babies these past eight months!

General Baby Thoughts

Winnie is a busy, busy little bee. From sun up to sun down, she’s crawling everywhere! And not only that, but she’s now getting into stuff and pulling herself up onto things. The regular scene at our house is her propped up on her knees, holding on for dear life to a cabinet knob or chair leg. No matter how hard we try to keep her safe, she gets herself in precarious situations several times a day! She’s not afraid to try new things and push her limits, that’s for sure.

She continues to be so smiley and happy, but we’re also seeing a crazy side to her. Winnie likes to make eye contact with us and then do the loudest squeal or yell, while making excited movements with her hands. She and Sally love each other more each day, but we’re still seeing some growing pains in that department. Winnie wants to play with everything Sally plays with, and Sally doesn’t like the constant disruption. But we’re working on it, several times a day and then some!

Financial Baby Thoughts

I’m so much less inclined to buy things for our second child. And it’s not just because we already have everything we need. Sally was in 6–12 month clothes during warmer weather, so I’m actually lacking a lot of cute winter clothes for Winnie. But I’m super hesitant to buy for her because I know how quickly babies grow out of clothes at this age! So Winnie’s coat is a tad too big and her selection of clothing is kind of limited, but she’ll be in 12–18 month clothes before long, and we have a ton of those! So we haven’t spent any money on clothing for her this month. I did spend $11 on wipes, but I still haven’t had to purchase any diapers, although I’ll probably be placing an order on those in the next couple of weeks. Finally, I did get her some Christmas gifts, totaling $60. So our grand total spent on Winnie for month eight was $71.

I took a few pictures of our little snuggler in honor of her eight-month birthday:

Winnie 8 Months untitled-6895

For those of you with a little babe(s) of your own, how do we relate or differ? Also, if you’re interested, here’s Sally’s eigh-month update :).

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  • Reply Melanie December 27, 2015 at 9:45 am

    She is so adorable! This is all great to read for when I have babies some day! What adorable little lovies you guys have 🙂

  • Reply Michelle December 28, 2015 at 7:41 pm

    She is so freaking cute!!

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