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July 2016

  • Ashley Introduction

    Hi, I’m Ashley!


    Hi, I’m Ashley, and I’m a recovering shopaholic. Hi, Ashley… Alright, so while I really do enjoy the instant high of a frivolous shopping spree, I don’t think I could technically fall under the category of a shopaholic in the truest and most alarming sense. I do, however, come from…

  • Tyler Introduction

    Hey, I’m Tyler!


    Greetings from the Lone Star State! I’m Tyler. I’ve been a longtime OFB reader and have had an even longer interest in personal finance. My wife hails from Hawaii, and I’m a Southern California native. We met at school in Utah, and we have spent time living in Hawaii, New…

  • OFB Update

    OFB Update and News!

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    Johnny and I spent the weekend folding laundry. Weeks’ and weeks’ worth of it. It was getting to a point last week where I’d have a mild panic attack each morning when it came time to dress the girls. Do they even have any clothes left in their closet?? Please,…