A New Year, A New Resolution to Break

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A brief introduction

With the new year quickly approaching and our first child due in less than 4 weeks, Johnny and I have been discussing the topic of resolutions. More specifically, financial resolutions. Blegh, I know. A new year equals a new slate equals an ideal time for setting financial goals. But add a whole slew of new baby expenses to the mix, and we’ve got a perfect storm. Our main goal for this new stage of our lives is to keep ourselves not only financially above water when Baby joins us, but also financially thriving. And hopefully covered in as little poop and spit up as possible.

And our first step in achieving this? Documentation. For the past few years, one of the keys to feeling in control of our money has been documenting every expense because it makes us accountable. Death by boredom would be a sad way to go, so we won’t be documenting each expense on here. But we will be documenting our lifestyle and what we’ve learned and are still learning when it comes to our freaking budget.

Initially, we were going to start this whole thing on January 1st, but I don’t want to be sitting on a hospital bed about to give birth, panting and yelling, “POST IT, JOHNNY!” So we’re giving ourselves a head start and beginning today.

Let the launch of Our Freaking Budget commence!

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