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    About You #14


    Lately, Johnny and I have found ourselves putting the majority of our life on autopilot. Wake up. Eat. Wrangle children. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Since moving, we’ve still been trying to find a balance between work, parenthood, and life. Now that we’re doing this self-employment thing, we’d love to have our finances more…

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    About You #13


    Lucky #13! These About You posts are our very favorite. We love hearing from you guys, and finding out some of you are just as weird as we are. As a little update on us right now, I think we’re starting to hit our stride with two kids (i.e., we’re…

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    Nope, no baby yet. Don’t know if you were even wondering, but maybe me saying that will jinx this natural process and get that baby to push the eject button. Joanna is now getting audible gasps and “good luck” whispers walking down the street, so the people of NYC are…

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    About You #12


    The weather in New York City still feels like January, but we’re rounding the corner into April already. 2015 is flying by! I’m also coming up on 38 weeks of pregnancy, which means life as we know it is about to be flipped on its head in the OFB household.…

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    About You #11


    It’s been a long time since we’ve done one of these posts, so let’s review. We talk a lot here. In fact, we do like 99% of the talking . And technically, I guess it’s “writing” and not “talking.” Then again, you probably hear us in your head with whatever voices…

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    About You #10


    It’s Friday. I’ll spare you the Rebecca Black music video, even though I really want to commiserate with someone because now it’s going to be stuck in my head. Fridays rank #2, only slightly behind Saturday. There’s just something about the anticipation for the weekend that makes every Friday great…

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    About You #9


    Happy Cinco de Mayo! I don’t know much about the holiday, but I do know that it doesn’t get me work off which relegates it to the C-list of holidays. But should you be celebrating it, happy day to you. We’re still rebounding from a bout of recent illnesses, but…

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    About You…r Budget


    Hope you all had fun, safe, relaxing weekends! And if you happened to spend your weekend street racing in front of our apartment at 3am, honking your horn, revving up your stupid engine on your stupid looking modified car, all whilst waking up sleeping children and their grumpy parents… I…

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    About You #8


    Hopefully your 2014 is already off to a great start! We celebrated on New Year’s Eve by falling asleep at 11:30. Pretty exciting stuff. That said, we’re very excited for the new year and will be sharing our January 2014 budget soon. But we wanted to kick off the new…

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    About You #7


    Monday greetings!… two words that should probably never appear together. Hope your weekend was swell. Joanna and I had a half-weekend getaway that consisted of 34 hours away sans Baby Girl, 16 hours driving, and 3 hours of glorious live music. We’ll tell you all about it and the juicy…