• 10 Financial Gut Check Questions

    10 Financial Gut Check Questions


    On my list of favorite things to do, going to the dentist for a check up oddly doesn’t make an appearance. If it ranks on yours, I’d recommend taking a pen and stabbing it into your hand to ensure you’re not actually a cyborg. If you’re a cyborg, power down and…

  • Anatomy of a Budget

    The Anatomy of a Budget


    In case you missed it on our Facebook page last week, there was a nice little write up on our clan, NYC budgeting ways, and OFB on Forbes.com. If you’re interested in checking it out, click your mouse right here. After reading the article, we realized there’s a lot of nuance…

  • Our Ten Money Commandments

    Our Ten Money Commandments


    Over the last two and a half years (!) of putting fingers to keyboard on this here blog, we’ve shared a steady supply of our successes and failures. And over time, we’ve noticed recurring themes and fundamental beliefs that continue to pop up and appear to drive to the core…

  • Life Without a Budget

    Life Without a Budget


    As soon as you start a budget, everything changes. And many of those changes feel uncomfortable. It can feel stifling — tracking every expense and having spending rules you have to follow. Sound fun yet? I’ll answer for you — nope. So why do people willingly sign up for this crap?…

  • Tracking Expenses

    The One Thing More Important Than Budgeting


    Throwing out a headline like this one is pretty much blasphemy for a supposed “budgeting” site. If you know anything about us, we sing the original Queen B(udget) praises every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Did we just clickbait you? No, no, no. We’d never subject you…

  • Dear Friends, I have a budget now.

    A Letter to Your Friends


    If you’ve started budgeting and have wanted to tell your friends about it, but haven’t had the courage/know-how/time to do so, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to make this your own and share it around.  Dear Friends, I can’t remember the last time I wrote a letter. Maybe when…

  • You've spent a few years soaking up everything Dave Ramsey had to say. Now it's time to move along, grasshopper. Here are some Dave Ramsey rules that you're likely ready to graduate from and leave behind.

    Graduating from Dave Ramsey


    Joanna and I will forever owe our budgeting beginnings to the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Dave Ramsey. A friend lent us The Total Money Makeover one fateful day, and our financial lives were changed forever. We adopted “gazelle intensity” as a normal phrase in our household. We listened in…

  • 5 Ways to Track Your Budget

    Ways to Track Your Budget


    It’s getting close to the end of the month. Last night Johnny was looking at our budget and said, “We have $130 left in our Food category?!” And then I chimed in, “Yeeah… about that. I still haven’t entered in our grocery order from Friday. That will bring it down…

  • Our NYC Budget Changes

    Our NYC Budget Changes


    We’re here in the city! Getting out here was a little hectic with all our luggage and a toddler and kitty in tow, but we survived! Sally slept the entire plane ride, and Persie… well, she meowed the entire time. But neither had any accidents, so we’ll still call it…