• Does Your Budget Have a Bike Lane?

    Does Your Budget Have a Bike Lane?


    Budgets help direct our spending, but by nature they constrain us. While that doesn’t sound very fun, these restrictions are for a good cause. By voluntarily limiting short-term spending, we can stay out of financial trouble and work toward achieving longer-term financial goals. Though it sounds contradictory, we achieve financial…

  • When Is Your Budget Ready for a Baby?

    When Is Your Budget Ready to Start a Family?


    One of the biggest considerations when it comes to starting a family is finances. It’s not that children cost all that much initially. Even three and a half years in to having children, we’re still not spending very much on them (sorry, girls!). I think in food consumed, our cat…

  • Grocery Budgeting Is the Bane of My Existence

    Grocery Budgeting Is the Bane of My Existence


    When it comes to shopping at the grocery store, beginning-of- the-month Ashley and end-of- the-month Ashley are two very different people. Beginning-of- the-month Ashley thinks she’s the Queen of England. Imported Italian prosciutto for $18/lb? Sure! Aged Parmigiano Reggiano for $25/lb? Okay! Out of season strawberries for $82/oz? Treat yo’ self! End-of- the-month…

  • What Happened When We Didn't Budget

    What Happened When We Didn’t Keep a Budget


    Without meaning to, Johnny and I performed a bit of a financial experiment on ourselves in December and January. FYI, “experiment” is a cool way of saying “slacked off,” but regardless, we thought the results were worth sharing. We’ve been sorta consumed by our side project-turned-business which has been great and…

  • Lifestyle Deflation

    Let’s Talk About Lifestyle Deflation


    When you hear advice about saving more money or getting out of debt, it often involves avoiding lifestyle inflation. Johnny and I have tried our best to avoid lifestyle inflation over the years, despite the pull of changing careers, income, or cost of living. By fighting the urge, we’ve almost been able…

  • How to Save 50% on Your Budget

    Save 50% of Your Income in ONE WEEK!


    Recently, Johnny and I were contacted by a talk show in LA to be possible guests on a segment about money-saving tips. A producer from the show wanted to get on Skype with us and chat about our “area of expertise.” We went back and forth on how to respond to the email.…

  • $450 Food Budget

    A Month of OFB’s $450 Food Budget


    This has been a long time coming, and I really hope that it’s somewhat helpful information that I’m about to share. I usually write a post in one sitting, and I knew that just wasn’t possible with this post! So I’ve been squirreling away little moments here and there to…

  • Our Budgeting System

    How We Keep Our Budgeting System Simple


    It’s time to get real. Budgeting is no fun. It’s a necessary evil that we do day in and day out because it’s… necessary. At times, we warm up to it, like when we freaking rock our monthly goals or grow our savings or become debt free. We may briefly dub ourselves king and…

  • Persie Moving

    Keeping a Budget


    We’re drowning in boxes up in here! Unpacking with two little kiddos is slow going. It seems that one is always either hungry, screaming, or throwing up on something. Well, Winnie just spits up a ton, and poor Sally got a stomach bug. Luckily, as you can see above, Persie’s…