• How to Start a Debt Snowball

    How to Start a Debt Snowball


    For this post we’re getting back to basics. Today’s topic is one that many of you may already understand. While Johnny and I are fortunate enough to be out of debt, we realize debt is a reality for many. And so we’d like to share one of the tools that…

  • Reader Mailbag

    Reader Mailbag: Paying Back Student Loans


    Guess what happens when we get questions from readers? We answer them! So if you have your own question, click here and shoot it off to us. We’ll do our best to get back to you and give you an answer that isn’t totally incorrect. Johnny and I graduated from college at…

  • Debt free for one year

    Our One Year Debt-iversary!


    What’s a debt-iversary celebration without a good back story? So let’s take a look, it’s in a book, and read how we got into and out of debt at Our Debt Story. Sorry about the quasi-Reading Rainbow reference. One year has come and gone since Johnny and I said farewell…

  • Dave Ramsey hates credit cards (and us)

    Why We Use Credit Cards or Why Dave Ramsey Hates Our Guts


    I still remember clearly when Johnny and I first became apprised to Dave Ramsey. We were in our last semesters of college with just a few months left before our lovely school loans would come a’knocking. A friend of ours lent us Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover. Up until…

  • Our Debt Story: Part III

    ‘Til Debt Do Us… Part III: Debt’s Death


    This is the final installment of a three part series of our get-out-of-debt story. We join your previously scheduled broadcast already in progress… While we were preparing for our new adventure, we sat down to figure out the finances of our move from Utah to NYC. Moderate 15% salary increase?…

  • Our Debt Story: Part II

    ‘Til Debt Do Us… Part II: Debt’s Life


    This is the second installment of a three part series of our get-out-of-debt story. It’d be cool if this was a Choose Your Own Adventure story, but it’s not. If you want to continue reading our debt story, scroll down. If you want to join the robot army in pillaging…

  • Our Debt Story: Part I

    ‘Til Debt Do Us… Part I: Debt’s Birth

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    This is the first installment of a three part series of our get-out-of-debt story. What you are about to read may frighten small children and animals. Viewer discretion is advised. Can I get some funky bass and cymbals, please? Now this is the story all about how Our life got…