• Ashley's Getting-Out-of-Debt Story

    Ashley’s Getting-Out-of-Debt Story


    When TJ and I met, I could tell right away we came from different financial backgrounds. He had worked hard every summer doing sales in California to pay for his tuition and living expenses, he had thrifty parents who had been able to help him along the way, and he…

  • Four Year Debt-iversary

    Our Four Year Debt-iversary!


    This week marks four years of being debt free. (!!!) It’s hard to predict where we’d be if we’d never made the decision to get out of debt. All we know is where we are now. But I don’t think it’s a stretch to say all of the financial goals…

  • Our Money Funnel

    Our Money Funnel (Where Our Money Goes)


    I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I freaking loved American Gladiators. I don’t have many memories of my early-90’s childhood, but this epic game show will forever be seared in my soul. Nitro, Viper, Turbo, Blaze. These were my heroes. At the end of every episode, the contestants…

  • Our Ten Money Commandments

    Our Ten Money Commandments


    Over the last two and a half years (!) of putting fingers to keyboard on this here blog, we’ve shared a steady supply of our successes and failures. And over time, we’ve noticed recurring themes and fundamental beliefs that continue to pop up and appear to drive to the core…

  • Oh, the Places You'll Go

    Oh, the Places You’ll Go…


    Three and a half years ago, Johnny and I were living in New York City. We’d been out of school less than two years, we were paying off debt, we had just a couple thousand in savings, and we’d been hoping to get pregnant for over a year. We were…

  • You've spent a few years soaking up everything Dave Ramsey had to say. Now it's time to move along, grasshopper. Here are some Dave Ramsey rules that you're likely ready to graduate from and leave behind.

    Graduating from Dave Ramsey


    Joanna and I will forever owe our budgeting beginnings to the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Dave Ramsey. A friend lent us The Total Money Makeover one fateful day, and our financial lives were changed forever. We adopted “gazelle intensity” as a normal phrase in our household. We listened in…

  • Three-Year Debti-versary!

    Our Three Year Debt-iversary!


    It was around this time three years ago that Johnny and I joined hands together, jointly extended our pointer fingers, and pressed “Submit” on our final debt payment. If all of that sounds kinda weird, it was. And I’m glad you didn’t see it. But boy was it exciting! And…

  • Debt Collection Percentage by State

    Houston (and the Rest of America)… We Have a Problem


    Before I start, I gotta tell ya… I’m so stoked about the mattress giveaway we posted yesterday. We love sharing companies we love, but being able to give back in some small way to all of you for reading just takes the cake. And we have another awesome giveaway coming up…

  • Should You Save While You're in Debt?

    Should You Save While You’re in Debt?


    Today we’re going to talk about the age old question: Will crossing your eyes too much cause them to get stuck that way? No, not that one. Never that one on a Monday. We’re talking about the other age-old question: Should you save while you’re in debt?  Over the weekend, Sally got…