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  • $15 Love Story

    It Took $15 to Fall in Love


    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Having a one-month-old (can you believe it’s already been a month?!) has me kind of sidetracked this year, and I haven’t even given the holiday a second thought until now. But thinking about Valentine’s Day and love and Johnny has me remembering when…

  • Baby Girl's feet

    What We Learned About Having a Baby


    All three of us are home and happy and healthy. We’re all pretty exhausted, but loving our new life together. Around here, we’ll just call her Baby Girl. This was actually the name printed on her ID bracelets because her mommy and daddy needed some time to try on some…

  • Us as kids

    She’s Here!!!


    Our freaking baby girl is finally here!!! Pictures will be forthcoming. Probably after her head shape looks less like a pinecone. But for now, you can just use your imagination and mash those two little twerps together. That’s probably what she looks like. Joanna is doing great, baby is doing…

  • Joanna and Johnny of Our Freaking Budget

    Just A Little Bit About Us

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    Yo. So before we jump into our sappy story, we want to tell you why we started Our Freaking Budget. We’re here to tell average 20- and 30-somethings that they can learn how to manage their money. Want to know how we know that? Because if we could figure this crap out,…