Stuff About Us

  • Is Thing On?: An OFB Update


    The time is well overdue for an OFB update. Don’t give me that look. I know you’re giving me that look. Okay, okay, yes, we deserve the eye roll. And you’re right. This update is way, way, way overdue. Like WAY. Now that we’re square, let’s get back to the…

  • Wynn

    Where OFB Calls Home


    Currently, our living room floor is littered with at least five tiny dirty diapers, Johnny is responding to dozens of emails, we’re weeks behind on responding to comments (sorry, guys!), and my brain is running at about 15% capacity. But all for a good, snuggly cause named Wynn! So today rather…

  • Engagement

    Lucky #7


    See those two youngin’s? Well, they’re us, soon after we got engaged. And now, here we are, celebrating seven years of marriage. I used to feel bad for anyone who had been married as long as we have. I imagined how terribly dull their lives must be. And I wondered…

  • Who We Are. Who We're Not.

    What We Are & What We Aren’t


    Johnny and I have had this blog for over a year now, and it’s high time we explain what makes us tick. If you’ve been reading our blog since the beginning (I can name a few of you by name, but I won’t :)), you probably already know more about…

  • Our Freaking Budget Turns One!


    One year ago this week, a very pregnant Joanna and a less fatigued me quickly scanned over our sad excuse for a website. I double checked design and made sure links didn’t land in an Internet black hole, while Joanna reviewed our content to make sure we didn’t sound like idiots…

  • Happy birthday, Johnny!

    How We Do Birthdays


    Today is a big day in the OFB household. It’s a certain somebody’s birthday. I’ll give you three hints who: Johnny. JOHNNY. JOHNNNNYYYYYY!!!!!! Here are a few things you may not know about Johnny: He loves Southern food, especially fried okra and boiled peanuts. I’ve converted him to my Dirty…

  • Writing Pays the Bills and Keeps Us Sane


    In last week’s About You post, Johnny and I asked you to tell us what you do for a living. It’s always interesting to hear how others spend the 9 to 5 of their day. Our jobs don’t define us, but a pretty hefty chunk of our lives are spent…

  • Why We’re Moving in August


    As I type this, I can hear the thump, thump, thumping of our neighbor’s subwoofer. We live in a townhouse and share our right and left walls with our right and left neighbors. We’ve never heard a peep from our neighbors on our left. But our neighbor on our right….…

  • Richer or poorer

    Wait, Are We Poor?


    Want to know a big, juicy secret? We’re not rich. Oh, you already knew that? Crap. I’ll let you in on another tidbit of personal info. We’re not poor, either. In fact in our minds, we’re pretty far from it. Whether that’s a statistical fact (compared to median household income)…

  • Personal Finances are Personal

    Getting Personal About Personal Finance


    If you’ve ever read a single post on our blog, it shouldn’t come as news to you that we’re sorta into personal finances. I guess that could be kinda weird to some folks, but based on the fact that you’re reading this sentence on our blog, you probably don’t think…