Thrifty Travel

  • Travel for Free

    We Haven’t Paid for Travel in Seven Years


    Dave Ramsey holds a special place in my heart and my podcast playlist. For a long time, specifically before I was married and had a more firm grasp on my finances, he intimidated me. I’d switch radio stations as soon as I heard that slow southern drawl remind me of…

  • Maximizing Your Vacations

    Maximizing Your Budget in 2015: Vacations


    We’re counting down the days to the weekend. As one final hurrah before we become a family of four, we’re headed down to DC for a few days to relax, spend time with some family there, and meet up with the Underwoods. And we’re going to drive an actual car!!…

  • NYC Gude: Getting to and from the Airport

    How to Get to and From NYC Airports


    In the next few months as New York City begins its winter thaw and the city comes alive again, friends and family will be  visiting us in this crazy city we call home. From the very start, there’s a lot to get used to — the sights, sounds, smells (both…

  • Day Away Arches National Park

    A Day Away for Less Than $60: Arches National Park


    Recently, Johnny and I decided to drop everything and head out to Arches National Park. We’d had such a good experience with Zion National Park with Sally that we were itching for another mini-nature-getaway. Johnny and I were both having kind of blah weeks with this or that stressing us…

  • $350 Getaway: Zion National Park

    Weekend Getaway for $350 or Less: Zion National Park


    Johnny and I had such a fun time over President’s Day weekend, frolicking about in nature and feeling sun on our translucently white skin. It made us want more of the outdoors. At the beginning of the year, we tentatively planned for several mini getaways in 2014. I say “tentatively”…

  • Boston on the Cheap

    Thrifty Travel: Boston


    Before moving to Boston, neither Johnny nor I had ever even stepped foot in the city. But it was love at first sight. We were moving from New York City, and I was expecting more of the same. But, no, no, no. First, Boston is pretty small. Since it’s one…

  • The Cost of Getting Away

    A Half-Weekend Getaway Budget Breakdown


    32 hours total. 18 on the road. 10 in a hotel. 4 listening to the sweet, acoustic jams of Ben Harper. And all sans baby. That should give you a glimpse into our recent half-weekend getaway to Denver. Hopefully that’s not our new reality of vacationing, but on this particular…

  • Priceline Travel Deals

    How to Snag Sweet Travel Deals on Priceline


    Vacations are great. You know what makes them more great? You don’t have to answer that. Because I’m only looking for a single answer and I don’t want to tell you you’re wrong if you don’t say, “When they don’t cost a ton of money.” So now that I messed…

  • Budget-Friendly Vacation

    How We Save Money on Vacation


    All work and no play makes Jack/Jane a dull boy/girl. As much as Johnny and I talk about saving and budgeting, we’re also big proponents of having some fun. A yearly vacation is mandatory in this household, even if it’s just a weekend trip (and some years that’s all it’s…