• Frugality vs Budgeting

    Frugality vs. Budgeting


    With this busy time of our lives, Johnny and I have made some changes that have increased our monthly budget some. We used to rarely (and I mean RARELY) pay for babysitting, oftentimes opting to just stay in and watch a movie or relying on kind family members to help…

  • Our Monthly Budget: March

    Our Monthly Budget: March 2016


    We made it! Does anyone else feel this way when March hits? I always breathe a huge sigh of because it means we’ve made it through another winter. Everything’s not coming up roses quite yet, but I feel like winter, for the most part, is behind us. The first two…

  • How to Avoid Budgeting Burnout

    Avoiding Budgeting Burnout


    At some point in the past several months, most of us have started a budget, or at least had the desire to start one. And then months pass and here we find ourselves in one of two places: 1. budgeting or 2. not budgeting. And there’s a whole spectrum of…

  • Pros and Cons of Running a Small Business

    Pros & Cons of Running a Small Business


    The last few months have both sped by and at other times felt like a very, very slow crawl. We’ve gotten less sleep than we did during Sally and Winnie’s newborn days. And we’ve wondered more than a few times if we have any idea what we’re doing. It’s been…

  • 3 Foolproof Tips for Staying on Budget

    Three Foolproof Tips for Staying on Budget

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    Budgeting is simple, easy, basic, and basically a cinch. All you do is track your spending and spend within a set of pre-determined parameters set up by YOU. Easy peasy. Okay, okay… so not so much. From the outside, budgeting seems like the easiest, most simple thing in the world.…

  • 2016 Budget Changes

    How Our Budget Will Change in 2016


    We’re 28 days into 2016, and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind in the OFB household. Our side business has taken us by surprise and is becoming more of a front-and-center business. It’s exciting, busy, and new. I feel like we learn something new each day. One aspect of…

  • Sally 3

    OFB + Self-Employment Update


    We’re only 12 days into 2016, and we can already tell it’s going to be an interesting year. We launched our business Letterfolk at the end of October, and life hasn’t slowed down since. We still haven’t even had a chance to get to our New Year’s resolutions! Isn’t the…

  • Sally and Wynn

    Our Favorite Posts of 2015


    Three more days left in 2015, and today is one of them! Johnny and I have been wanting to sit down and hash out our goals/dreams/hopes/resolutions for 2016, but we still haven’t gotten to it! And here we find ourselves, down to the wire. So we have exactly three more nights…

  • OFB Interviews: Unstoppable Debt Slaying


    Hey guys! We hope this post finds you all finishing up preparations for the holidays. This is our final installment of our interview series. We’re sad to see it coming to an end! But we saved one of our best interviews for last. Today, Michelle shares how she and her…

  • Breaking Normal

    Breaking Normal


    Hey guys! We just wanted to pop in and share some thoughts Johnny recently sent out to our secret email list. We got some really awesome, thoughtful responses from it that we wanted to share it with the rest of you, too! (And if you’d like to get similar updates from…