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October 2013

  • Happy Halloween, Y’all!


    Oh boy am I glad to finally be writing this post. For over a week now, we’ve been having some major troubles with our website. You may have noticed that our site has been down, or that it’s been loading slowly, or that you haven’t been able to comment. Or…

  • How We Stay Financially Motivated


    Yo! We hope all of you had a fierce weekend. I’m not even sure what that means. In case you missed it last week, Johnny and I have started contributing on AOL’s DailyFinance, and here’s our first article. You would think with writing about personal finance all week, Johnny and I…

  • He Says/She Says: High School Reunion

    He Says/She Says: High School Reunion


    I remember sitting in a ceramics class. My teacher was waxing poetic about an out-of-body experience she had while visiting a Native American tribe. Some classmates were finishing up the final contours of interesting looking “vases” that included strategically concealed holes. As I looked around, I remember thinking what it…

  • Weekend Recap

    Weekend Recap: A Teething Bebe


    It’s the freakin’ weekend, Imma bouta have me some fun. That’s the line Johnny gets to hear me sing every Friday. And while he might not like it, he’s yet to threaten divorce, so I’m just gonna keep on keepin’ on. So after this weekend, our girl officially has teeth! Well,…