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  • Life insurance is depressing. You're gambling with an insurance company about whether or not you'll die before a certain age. But man is it important. We'll hold your hand and walk you through the what, why, when, and how's of life insurance.

    A Millennial’s Guide: How to Buy Life Insurance


    This will probably be the worst post you will ever read on this site. Way to pump people up, Johnny. It will also be one of the most important. Life insurance is depressing. You’re gambling with an insurance company about whether or not you’ll die before a certain age. If…

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    OFB Baby Update: 23 Months


    General Baby Thoughts That’s right. In just one month, our little tot will be turning TWO. Although, with her already wearing some 3T clothing, it feels like she’s been two for months now. An almost-two-year-old is like having a really fun, really volatile roommate. For the most part, they’re incredibly…

  • Preparing Financially for Baby #2

    How We’re Preparing Financially for Baby #2


    Thanks so much for all the well wishes regarding our little announcement on Friday! We’re thrilled (albeit a little nervous) to have another baby on the way! Ever since we found out the big news back in August, Johnny and I have had many a riveting financial discussion about what a…

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    OFB Baby Update: 20 Months


     General Baby Thoughts Can it really be called a baby update when I’m referring to a 20-month-old? She’s still under two, so I vote yes. My, how the time flies. This is an interesting age. Sally is both super fun and super difficult right now. Let’s talk about today, for…

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    OFB Baby Update: 18 Months


    General Baby Thoughts For some reason, 18 months feels like a big milestone. Our little girl is one and a half! If it’s possible, Sally’s busier than ever. I think I say that every month. She has learned how to open doors, which has opened up a whole new world…

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    OFB Baby Update: 16 Months


    General Baby Thoughts Sally is like a well-funneled tornado, wreaking havoc in every room of the house. I used to have her sit in the bathroom while I showered, but now she opens the cabinets, tears out every container, opens them, pours out their contents, and then opens the bathroom…

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    OFB Baby Update: 15 Months


    General Baby Thoughts We have entered the climbing stage of toddlerdom. Sally spends half an hour climbing up on the couch, and then down from the couch. Up on the couch, then down. Up, down. UP… you get the idea. This has resulted in her falling off the couch several…

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    OFB Baby Update: 14 Months


     General Baby Thoughts It’s official. Our girl has gone from baby to toddler. A little over a month ago, Sally started walking, and nothing’s been the same since. I feel like we have a miniature adult in our home. She walks around with a cell phone in one hand and…

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    OFB Baby Update: Eleven Months


     General Baby Thoughts I think this month it’s finally hit me just how fast our girl is growing up. In less than a month, we’ll be celebrating her first birthday! I’ve been having so many flashbacks of this time last year when I was waddling everywhere and frantically preparing for…

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    OFB Baby Update: Ten Months


    General Baby Thoughts Well, as of last night, we’ve installed a gate at the top of our stairs. And we’ve rearranged the living room so that it’s officially baby proof(ish). Our little ten-month-old is t-r-o-u-b-l-e. Our only saving grace is that she seems to have no intention of learning to…