Baby Bucks

  • Winnie 8 Months

    Monthly Baby Costs: Month Eight


    Our little baby’s not so little anymore. It’s hard to believe Winnie is already eight months old! She is so different than her older sister in every way that Johnny and I have had to relearn everything we thought we already knew about babies these past eight months! General Baby…

  • Wynn Seven Months

    Monthly Baby Costs: Month Seven


    It’s that time again… time for another baby update! Our girl is seven months old. I swear this is one of the best ages ever. I remember loving it with Sally, too. Winnie has changed so much just in the past month! General Baby Thoughts Winnie has become so much…

  • Wynn Six Months

    Monthly Baby Costs: Month Six


    Oh my goodness! Our little girl is half a year old?! Actually, we’re loving being at this stage. It’s crazy how much more we’ve been able to enjoy having a baby this second time. With our first, we (okay, mostly me) were so worried about doing everything right. But this second…

  • Wynn Five Months

    Monthly Baby Costs: Month Five


    I feel like time is just flying over here! I can’t believe it’s time for another monthly update on little Winnie. It’s crazy how many changes can come from just a month of a baby’s life. General Baby Thoughts All Wynn wants to do every single day is go, go,…

  • Monthly Baby Costs: Month Four


    With all the craziness of moving, we just about forgot that little Wynn turned four months old! I remember keeping track of Sally’s age week by week for almost the entire first year, but that’s already long gone for poor Wynn. But she does get one post a month dedicated…

  • Wynn Three Months

    Monthly Baby Costs: Month Three


    I love the newborn stage. But I’m not a mom who goes into mourning when it’s over. For as blissful as it is, it can be equally exhausting and overwhelming at times. On the really overwhelming days this second time around, I found myself thinking, Just make it to three…

  • Aflac

    Getting Paid to Have a Baby with Aflac


    Nothing rocked our world more than when Johnny and I became parents. To say we were consumed (both times) is an understatement. Consumed with blissful love, yes. Lots and lots of that. But we were also consumed in pretty much every other way — time, attention, sleep (or deprivation of),…

  • Two Months

    Monthly Baby Costs: Month Two


    Month two! We’re currently in this strange parenting paradox in which time feels like it’s both crawling and zooming by. On the one hand, bringing Wynn home from the hospital feels like it was at least six months ago. That’s how long it’s been, right? But when I look at Wynn, I…

  • Monthly Baby Costs: Month One


    We did it! We survived the first month of parenting for the second time! And… it was actually pretty fun. Okay, fun is a relative term, but the heart eye emoji (😍) times a billion pretty much sums up how we feel about our little one-month-old. For Sally’s first year,…

  • OFB's Newest Addition

    OFB’s Newest Addition


    Despite her reluctance to leave the comfort of her warm, womby home, we welcomed this little gal to the world yesterday afternoon. Her name is Wynn and we think she’s rad. Joanna is doing great and putting the pellet ice machine out of business. We’re planning on introducing Sally to her little sister…