Making Money

  • Making Money from Home

    Making Money As a Stay-at-Home Mom


    When TJ and I started our budget, I had a hard time accounting for every single purchased item. Coming home from a shopping trip started to feel like an interrogation, even though I’m sure TJ didn’t mean it that way. “What did you buy? How much was it? Did you…

  • Workin' It

    It’s Time to Talk More About Making More


    Putting our new NYC budget together for 2015 was a hard pill to swallow. With our rent more than doubling and with the rest of our expenses being a bit more expensive, we were left staring at a much smaller projected savings rate for 2015 than what we had in…

  • For Rent

    Buying to Rent


    I was at a friend’s house yesterday, enjoying all the perks of homeownership vicariously: a driveway, garage, yard, neighborhood, walls to paint whatever color you please. It felt so luxurious. Someday I’m sure we’ll jump on the homeownership bandwagon. And when that day comes, I will love each of those…

  • You Couldn't Pay Me

    You Couldn’t Pay Me $$$ to ____


    If you haven’t already noticed, we like our money. Odds are, you do too. And if you don’t, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to give you a mailing address so that we can find your unliked money a new home. I’ve done a lot of interesting things…

  • Stay at home mom income

    Part-Time Jobs for Full-Time Parents


    When Johnny and I were first discussing starting a family, the topic of finances was a natural thought-starter. We were both working full time, and we started asking ourselves some questions for if/when we had a baby: Would one of us quit working and stay home? Would we both keep…