• How We Calculated Our 529 Contribution


    We’re back! And by we, I really mean I. Johnny was never gone last week, just busy taking care of Baby Girl sans me. Last week I was playing the role of an inanimate object, very convincingly, I might add. I became sick Tuesday night and spent the second half…

  • Ways to Save When Your Cash Flow Tells You to Buy


    Since moving to our new place, we’ve gotten the obligatory “How are you settling in?” question from everyone. To any outsider, we seem completely settled, but boy oh boy is it a long process, one that I think takes close to a year. We’re just focusing little by little on…

  • Everything You Need on One Notecard

    A Pocket-Sized Guide to Financial Success


    Hello friends — and foes… you know who you are Mr. Panda Express guy who always scrimps on my orange chicken. There’s a special circle in Dante’s Inferno reserved just for you. Overpriced Chinese-but-not-really-Chinese food aside, I wanted to let you all in an awesome image I saw retweeted a…

  • Full House Financial Tips

    Save Like Danny Tanner & Live Like Uncle Joey


    Our baby girl was a bit of a wreck last week. She got her four-month shots, and for a few days she didn’t feel very good. One minute she’d be all smiles and giggles, but the tiniest blip could set her into crying at the top of her lungs. And…

  • What's My Zombie New Worth?

    The New Net Worth (After the Zombie Apocalypse)


    Nothing warms the soul during the Holiday season quite like a discussion on zombie invasions. This topic might have been inspired by the impending 2012 Mayan Apocalypse, or today’s once-a-lifetime date of 12.12.12, which just begs for doomsday/conspiracy talk. But regardless, it’s a meaningful discussion worth having any time of…

  • So what’s the difference between 401k and 403b?

    401k and 403b — Equally Boring, But Different


    Just a few short years ago, the term “401k” held very little meaning to me. All I knew was that it was something boring adults had, and since I refused to become one of those, I needn’t think of such nonsense. This mentality lasted until Johnny and I moved to…