The OFB 50 States Project Guide

50 States Project

50 States Project

You might recall that Joanna and I still don’t think we’ve found our “forever place.” We’ve discussed some of the criteria we’re looking for in a place where we can really plant roots and call home. The comments from readers on that initial post were awesome — from those who find themselves in a similar boat of searching for Perfectville, to those who have already found it, to those who enjoy playing matchmaker and offered us great suggestions for cities and states that might meet our criteria. So we had an idea… the OFB 50 State Project!

We asked readers to answer some questions about their home state, combined with a few objective-ish financial-ish rankings (taxes, cost of living, most haunted, etc.). And thus provide “forever place” seekers (like us) a useful resource in their search. And for those who are already deeply rooted in a state, you can just sit back and mock the 49 other measly contenders.

Completed States

Click the state nickname images below to see each state’s review. If you don’t see your state listed below, we’d love to hear your thoughts about your own state. Click over here and fill out the form on that page.

The Grand Canyon StateArizona

The Golden StateCalifornia

The Centennial StateColorado

The Sunshine StateFlorida

The Peach StateGeorgia

The Hoosier StateIndiana

The Pelican StateLouisiana

The Old Line StateMaryland

Massachusetts: The Bay StateMassachusetts

The Treasure StateMontana

The Cornhusker StateNebraska

The Empire StateNew York

North Carolina: The Tar Heel StateNorth Carolina

The Buckeye StateOhio

The Keystone StatePennsylvania

The Lone Star StateTexas

The Badger StateWisconsin