Weekend Recap

  • Weekend Recap

    Weekend Recap: Zion National Park


    Happy President’s Day! (psst… someone remind me what we’re actually celebrating today. Thanks.) Are you off work today? I am, and Johnny kinda sorta is. We just spent a few days at Zion National Park in Southern Utah, and it was glorious and warm! But getting a taste of 70-degree…

  • Weekend Recap

    Weekend Recap: Thanksgiving


    Happy Cyber Monday! I’m hoping to get some major Christmas shopping done from the comfort of my living room. Yesterday afternoon, Johnny and I finished up what was left of our Thanksgiving leftovers. As you may recall, I’m not usually a fan of leftovers, but Thanksgiving is the exception. I could…

  • The Cost of Getting Away

    A Half-Weekend Getaway Budget Breakdown


    32 hours total. 18 on the road. 10 in a hotel. 4 listening to the sweet, acoustic jams of Ben Harper. And all sans baby. That should give you a glimpse into our recent half-weekend getaway to Denver. Hopefully that’s not our new reality of vacationing, but on this particular…

  • Weekend Recap

    Weekend Recap: Halloween


    We hope everyone had a happy Haloween weekend! I mean, the weekend really started Thursday night since we were all in a candy coma on Friday, right? Johnny and I had fun with our girl. Thursday afternoon we went to Johnny’s office as planned. But that night Baby Girl was…

  • Weekend Recap

    Weekend Recap: A Teething Bebe


    It’s the freakin’ weekend, Imma bouta have me some fun. That’s the line Johnny gets to hear me sing every Friday. And while he might not like it, he’s yet to threaten divorce, so I’m just gonna keep on keepin’ on. So after this weekend, our girl officially has teeth! Well,…

  • Weekend Recap

    Weekend Recap: It’s the Great Pumpkin


    We’re simple folks. And it doesn’t take much to get us excited for a weekend. Was it the beautiful fall weather that had us counting down to last week’s end? Nope, but we did enjoy that. Was it the monthly family dinner with Johnny’s entire family? Neh, but that was…

  • Weekend Recap

    Weekend Recap: Hiking With Our Girl


    Welp, it’s the first Monday of fall, everyone. Time to start playing Christmas music. I jest — and if you actually do that, shame on you. I’ve already spent an unmentionable amount of time poring over cardigans, sweaters, and other chilly-weather gear on my favorite clothing websites. And Johnny’s had…

  • Weekend Recap

    Weekend Recap: First Home Football Game


    Every Friday, I get the itch to sign all of my work emails with TGIF!!! I can usually resist this urge. But this last Friday I couldn’t contain my excitement for the weekend, and “TGIF!” was flying off my fingertips like nothing else. Friday our girl hit her eight-month mark!…

  • Weekend Recap

    Weekend Recap: Labor Day Weekend


    Was anyone else sad to see this weekend end? I sure was. We had a blast. I feel like it was our final farewell to summer, but maybe that’s just because our condo’s pool officially closed over the weekend. But I’m hoping we can still squeeze in a few more…