All Wrapped Up – March 30

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This week Johnny took a second paternity leave of sorts. It’s given us a chance to take a slight breather and catch up on things, like replacing broken light bulbs and doing paint touch ups around the house. Lots of really fun stuff that you want to use PTO for basically. It’s been great having an extra set of hands helping with Baby Girl during the day and getting to partay every night once she’s in bed. I’m talking crazy partying: late nights of pie and ice cream, filing taxes, Diet Mountain Dew, and catching up on The Walking Dead.

We’ve really enjoyed seeing a bunch of new readers around here. So if you’re one of them, welcome and thanks for stopping by! As always, if you want to stay in the OFB loop, please subscribe to our RSS feedlike us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Also, if you’ve got any pressing questions, post ideas, or comments, we’d love to hear them via email at

And thanks for all the awesome topic ideas you gave us earlier this week! We are excited to address them in upcoming posts!

Tune of the Week


Joanna’s Johnny’s
17 by Youth Lagoon on Grooveshark Line of Fire by Junip on Grooveshark

Splurge of the Week

Sophie the Giraffe Teether$18 – I’ve never been a big proponent of all natural stuff, but that’s changing now that we have a baby who chews on anything and everything. So this teether made of natural rubber and food paint now has place in our home and Baby Girl’s mouth. It is kind of strange watching our baby viciously gnaw on a creature of the animal kingdom. We normally wouldn’t splurge on such an expensive toy, but we bought it with a very generous gift card from Johnny’s work.

Our Freaking Cat’s Photo

Staring daggers at our freaking baby. They’re best frenemies.

Fave Posts

  • The Side Hustle posts at Budgets Are Sexy are always enjoyable, especially this one about buying and selling retro video games.
  • The See Debt Run family put their Debt Monster to rest this last week. Hooray!
  • Ever wondered what famous actresses would look like without teeth? Me too! Not really, but this is definitely one of the weirdest/funniest links Johnny’s ever sent to me.
  • Our Mark Cuban fangirl/boy-dom is well-documented. In this article, Mark Cuban talks about lessons learned as a 25-year-young dude.

Have a freaking fantastic Easter weekend!

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