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  • Our Freaking Budget Weekly Wrap-Up

    All Wrapped Up – April 6


    We interrupt this scheduled Weekly Wrap-up for a brief PSA. [cue depressing Sarah McLachlan song] Loss. Abandonment. Gone forever. If we continue to wait, it’ll be too late. But we can turn the tide. The time to act is now. Save your RSS feeds before it’s too late. [fade out…

  • All Wrapped Up – March 30

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    This week Johnny took a second paternity leave of sorts. It’s given us a chance to take a slight breather and catch up on things, like replacing broken light bulbs and doing paint touch ups around the house. Lots of really fun stuff that you want to use PTO for…

  • All Wrapped Up – March 23


    Last night, Johnny and I ate our first normal dinner in weeks. What defines normal? Well, the food was still warm for both of us, and we actually ate it at the same time, uninterrupted. The trick? We didn’t eat until Baby Girl was in bed, at about 9:30. Okay,…

  • All Wrapped Up – March 15


    Johnny and I stayed very busy with our jobs this week (did I mention I’ve started back work? Shyeah.). On Monday night I was telling Johnny it felt like it should already be the weekend. So I welcome Friday with a big bear hug, the kind that lasts just a…

  • All Wrapped Up — March 2


    Somehow it’s already March! At the beginning of February we introduced a giveaway challenge. So now it’s time to ask, How did you fare? Were you able to cut down on one category of your budget this month? Johnny and I focused on getting our electric bill down from $63…

  • Our Freaking Budget Weekly Wrap-Up

    All Wrapped Up — Feb. 9


    As we type this, our eyes are heavy and Baby Girl’s diaper is full. That little cutie is kicking our butts. She gave us her first real smiles this week, though, so overall, the week was a success. Here are a few things happening around the blog worth telling you…

  • Our Freaking Budget Weekly Wrap-Up

    All Wrapped Up — Jan. 26


    What a week! We had a whole lotta of new visitors (welcome pals!), thanks in large part to some awesome bloggers that linked to us (thanks a bajillion!). We also enjoyed some great discussions in the comments, especially hearing some of the responses to “You Couldn’t Pay Me $$$ to…

  • Our Freaking Budget Weekly Wrap-Up

    All Wrapped Up — Jan. 5


    I’ll clear up the answer to everyone’s first question real fast: haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com? So that should clear that right up. Otherwise, it’s business as usual. I’m back to work. Joanna’s back to growing a human. And Persie is still trying to find the highest ledge in our house to jump onto.…

  • Our Freaking Budget Weekly Wrap-Up

    All Wrapped Up — Dec. 29


    And so begins the three day stretch where everyone and their grandmother says, “I guess I’ll see you in a year” or “This is the last time I’ll chug a Yoo-hoo this year.” So in true bandwagon fashion, this is the last Weekly Wrap-Up you’ll read from us this year.…

  • Our Freaking Budget Weekly Wrap-Up

    All Wrapped Up — Dec. 22


    I actually wrote this post on Friday, the day the world was supposed to end. If you’re reading this, I guess the Mayans were wrong. If you’re not reading this, then I wasted a good half hour of my last day on Earth writing something that no one will ever…